Tributes and Awards

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Tributes and awards are given in appreciation or recognition of the effort made. Tributes and awards are intended to recognize or remember the achievements of a person in a particular field, whether at work, as well as family or friends. Tributes and awards can be carried out with or without a formal ceremony, but they always involve some kind of recognition to that person for a particular achievement. Tributes and awards can be thought out and planned with a lot of time, requiring a lot of luxury, although others, more simple, can be just tokens of affection and love. Tributes and awards arise from the idea that a person has achieved or done something that their loved ones, their followers, are proud of. Tributes and awards are always for something positive and a celebration. Tributes and awards, without a doubt is something particularly emotional, since it means that those who carry out the tribute or award do it because they really feel proud or feel admiration, affection ... for that person.



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