Celebrations and Events

  • Weddings and Anniversaries

    <p>Wedding anniversaries are a very special occasion., and choosing the right gifts is always a challenge Celebrating 25 or 50 years building a life together. To save you the disappointment, stress and nerves beforehand, we've put together this guide.</p><p>There are no standard wedding anniversary gifts that work for every type of person, but you can use some common tricks like using the number of years married on the gift or appealing to nostalgia. Personalizing your wedding anniversary gifts is also a good idea. Traditionally, each wedding anniversary refers to a material. The more years you celebrate, the more resistant the material in question becomes. For example, in the first year, paper weddings are celebrated and you usually get letters or books of poems as a gift. At the age of 50, the golden wedding anniversary is celebrated with a gift of gold or something golden.</p><p>In MartiArte we offer you a series of perfect gifts to commemorate this occasion, objects that will keep the happy memory intact.</p>
  • Communion

    <p>Choosing the communion gifts is something that parents can do alone or together with their children to make them feel more special. There is a wide variety of gifts to give as a souvenir of the First Communion. Don't forget to personalize the communion favors with labels or personalized cards for communions. We must also take into account the invitations and reminders to give to relatives with the details of the child.</p><p>Choose between a gift for all the guests and also differentiate for each one: communion gifts for men, gifts for women and gifts for children. </p>
  • Births and Baptisms

    <p>Christening gifts are usually made for the newborn, i.e. a personalised gift or a memento of that special moment for the family. Christening gifts are also given to guests at the end of a party to thank them for coming and celebrating their child's special day. Depending on your budget and your family's tradition of christening favours, the gift can be as precious, frivolous or simple as you wish. You can choose to buy a gift from a store or you can make them yourself at home. By adding a little thank you note to your christening favors, you also save yourself from having to send thank you cards to everyone after the event. Christening gifts to make: - Pacifiers and bibs: Every baby can use a pacifier or bib so they don't get stained. - Candles with name and date: One of the mythical gifts that can not miss in these celebrations are personalized candles. - Sleeping bags and blankets.</p>
  • Tributes and Awards

    <p>Tributes and awards are given in appreciation or recognition of the effort made. Tributes and awards are intended to recognize or remember the achievements of a person in a particular field, whether at work, as well as family or friends. Tributes and awards can be carried out with or without a formal ceremony, but they always involve some kind of recognition to that person for a particular achievement. Tributes and awards can be thought out and planned with a lot of time, requiring a lot of luxury, although others, more simple, can be just tokens of affection and love. Tributes and awards arise from the idea that a person has achieved or done something that their loved ones, their followers, are proud of. Tributes and awards are always for something positive and a celebration. Tributes and awards, without a doubt is something particularly emotional, since it means that those who carry out the tribute or award do it because they really feel proud or feel admiration, affection ... for that person.</p>
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Celebrations and events are an act of social character organized in a public or private way, in which time and space are shared by the participants and which is associated with leisure and amusement. The term presents, according to scholars of the subject, a complex, extraordinary and paradoxical nature.

All celebrations and events, as the rites they are, involve a series of conventions and traditions. A very common one is the offering of gifts, either to the attendees or to the guests. In MartiArte you can find the perfect gift for each event. Whether you celebrate the communion of your daughter and want to have a detail with the godparents, as if you honor a colleague who retires and you need an engraved plaque, the perfect gift you can buy online at MartiArte.



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